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Our Live Well Home & Community team will tailor our services to your individual needs. We take the time to get to know you, your story and in partnership with you, develop a person-centered care plan that helps you achieve your goals through your assigned Home Care Package (HCP) or Private Care Services.

We believe in personalised in-home care services, respecting your individuality, and providing essential equipment for seniors. Our experienced care managers collaborate closely with you and your family to tailor a care plan to your exact needs and preferences.

Receiving personalised care from our in-home carers can greatly improve your daily routine. As personal care needs differ for everyone, it is essential to trust the quality of the care you receive. Our services in Sydney and Melbourne are crafted to be respectful and gentle, always prioritising your dignity. With a focus on comfort and privacy, these services can be integrated into a comprehensive care package or offered as standalone options to suit your individual requirements.

With Live Well Home & Community, experience unparalleled support services in aged care, including specialised assistance such as gardening for seniors, from our team of highly skilled and deeply compassionate professional care workers. We prioritise the highest level of care, reliability, and respect for your privacy.

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