The leadership team annual review planning day occurred in February this year (See below) and concluded that our business planning priorities remain the same as last year, in 2021.

These are outlined below in priority order.

  1. Organisational & Clinical Governance ensuring the delivery of safe and quality care and services
  2. Corporate Branding that creates a consistent and sophisticated look within the market for existing and new consumers
  3. Revenue Growth through developing a range of new lifestyle and hotel services for RAC consumers, acquiring new sites, and introducing Home Care
  4. Workforce Planning leveraging our strength for great employees and delivery of care to become an employer of choice
  5. Business Systems with best in class technology, research and systems
  6. Emergency Planning & Business Continuity to protect our future at times of crisis

The Jesmond Group have 6 Values that the team felt was quite a large number and we felt it was time to ask the residents for their feedback on what they thoughts on service provision and how they related to the Jesmond values.

We asked 6 questions and supported by our Lifestyle teams, residents were able to be assisted to use an iPad to enter their responses or to be assisted and have their responses entered for them where appropriate.

  1. Do you feel safe here?
  2. Do you get the care you need?
  3. Do you like the food here?
  4. Do staff treat you with respect?
  5. Is the home well run?
  6. Which of the values are the most meaningful to you – select 3

Response rates were over 50% at all homes and feedback overwhelmingly positive. Where residents had selected “other” and had written a comment, these were followed up by the managers.

There was some feedback regarding food and hence additional food focus groups have been put in place that included the chef so that these matters can be addressed.

The feedback on values, there was a very mixed response and hence it was difficult to pick 3 as responses were across all values. From the feedback from residents, we have decided to keep all 6 values, We are pleased to announce that our 6 original company values are still relevant and are the foundation of our business in redefining aged care.

Thanks to everyone for being involved . remember all families and loved ones can provide feedback via our feedback logs in the home. You can also speak with the managers at the home!

As Home and Community Care is a focus of expansion for The Jesmond Group, the leadership team have invested in a General Manager of Home and Community Care to support the growth of this service and hopefully expand into a Day Care service later this year.

Next steps is our November planning day to re-visit our Organisational Priorities for 2023! Thank-you for entrusting The Jesmond Group with your care or the care of your loved one and we look forward to working with you in partnership to continuously improve over the coming years!